Cougar Pride Drive

Donations will be accepted once the class transitions are complete. Stay tuned for more information.

We truly believe that the PTA makes a difference at Commonwealth Elementary. Over 90% of our income comes from the generous donations of our parents through the Cougar Pride Drive (CPD). Please consider supporting CWE by donating $100 per child or any other amount to CPD.


This year challenges all of us in unprecedented ways. It is not surprising that there are a number of unmet new needs in our school community. Some needs are immediate such as complementary hand and surface sanitizers and PPE for teachers and administration, personal IT equipment for teacher e.g. headphones with mic, mousepads and keyboards. Some needs will reveal their bearing later this year as we reinvent almost the entire PTA activity calendar.


Last year the PTA was able to approve 24 donation requests from CWE’s teachers and administration topping a total of $38,500.
This year the PTA aims to fulfill donation requests from CWE of over $45,000 in addition to its own budgeted investments in school activities of $52,000.


Your donation achieves 3 main goals:
1. Enrich our student’s experience. We create, build and fund impactful, schoolwide programs, like Hands on Science, Art a la Carte, The Art Reflections Program, World Culture Days, as well as school assemblies, field trips, library updates… to name a few.

2. Support our faculty. We provide substantial and effective support to our outstanding faculty and therefore help to obtain and retain the best teachers in the district. As an organization, we aim to meet a significant count of teacher and administration's requests for supplies, but even more so do we express our profound gratitude for their daily positive impact on our children with our revolving teacher appreciation program.

3. Build our Community. We create and promote a sense of community for all Commonwealth families. We are always reaching out and encouraging all parents, teachers and staff to volunteer and to join the PTA. We also host monthly coffee meet ups, put on a school wide Carnival and run numerous programs to get involved. We also try to keep CWE families informed and connected through our website, Facebook group, and newsletter. We need you like never before! Donate to the Cougar Pride Drive now, become a PTA member and join our community of involved parents. Your contribution today and your active involvement this year are crucial for the revival of our school’s services and CWE’s place amongst the best elementary schools of Texas.